Artificial Lifting Systems
Artificial lift is a process used on oil wells to increase pressure within the reservoir and encourage oil to the surface. When the natural drive energy of the reservoir is not strong enough to push the oil to the surface, artificial lift is employed to recover more production.
Completion Tools 
Completion, in petroleum production, is the process of making a well ready for production (or injection). This principally involves preparing the bottom of the hole to the required specifications, running in the production tubing and its associated down hole tools as well as perforating and stimulating as required.
Hydraulic catwalks
Hydraulic catwalks are most often used on drilling rigs and are designed for the safe transportation of pipes and tubulars, in and out of the drill floor. Hydraulic catwalks have been proven to create safer and more productive drill sites by reducing or eliminating the direct handling of tubulars and large equipment. Hydraulic catwalks also typically come with remote control devices to further ensure worker safety during operation.
Chemicals play an important role in the oil producing operation. They assist oil/water/gas separation, aid in fluid transport, protect treating equipment, and improve the quality of the gas, oil, and water.